The AP-SORB range of products or Container Dry Bags are made of a selectıon of non-woven films and contain a mixture of two agents in a specific ratio. The first agent, the desiccant agent, removes moisture from the air and converts it into a liquid phase. The second agent absorbs this liquid phase and retains it, sometimes in gel form.

These products are completely free of heavy metals and DMF (dimethyl fumarate) and are used in the following sectors:

      • Machine tools
      • Chemicals
      • Data processing plant
      • Military components
      • Optical and precision instruments
      • Leather goods
      • Electronic equipment
      • Food industry
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Marble and minerals

The AP-SORB range of products are used to control the dew point of the air within transport containers. When the relative humidity (RH) of the air within a container reaches 100% (the dew point), condensation occurs,  and water begins to fall and settle on your product; a process known as “container rain”. See the adjacent animation:

The AP-SORB products can prevent this “container rain”, and therefore prevent any corrosion or moisture damage to your product for up to 3 months even when your product is NOT transported or stored in air-tight containers! The products can adsorb over 50% of their weight at 25°C and 80% RH. Please view the graph of water adsorbtion over time for a typical AP-SORB product.

Click here to view the AP-SORB performance graph.

The products are very simple to use. They are preferably hung onto the side of the container with their intrinsic hooks, they can be placed under your product pallets, they can even be placed on top of your product, and they will still operate effectively.

The AP-SORB bags must be placed at various locations around the container to give maximum protection to your product, and preferably at the highest point nearest to the container ceiling, as moist air is lighter than dry air! Generally for a 20’ container 20 AP-PAK 1kg bags would be required and likewise 40 bags in a 40’ container. However, if your turnover of containers is high then fewer bags can be used if the AP-SORB 2kg option is used reducing material and handling cost.

However, the usage can vary depending on your product to be protected. For example if your product contains its own moisture (e.g. flour, dry seeds, hazel nuts, etc.) then the usage must be increased by up to 50%. Alternatively the AP-SORB 500g product is also available for smaller containers with packaged volumes of 1m³ upwards. Please contact our sales engineer who will assist you in choosing a product to suit your requirements.

Click here for a PDF download of our AP-SORB range specification


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